Friday, 10 February 2012

Rob Made – You And Me

When Robin Tabor of F*** House Music isn't being Robin Tabor of F*** House Music, he's busy being Rob Made of Sleazy Deep. Confusing, isn't it? And that's not counting every other weekend, when he's Roberta Lovehoney… but he's asked me not to mention that in public. So I won't.

Instead I'll tell you just how good this second offering from the new label really is. The original is an unhurried deep houser with a hint of nu-disco sheen that's all about the big, throbbing b-line and soulful female vocals… think Crazy P colliding with that Jamie Jones/Lee Foss/Crosstown Rebels sound and you're somewhere in the ballpark. Quality stuff.

As for the remixes… No Artificial Colours' rub is sparser and techier, using very little of the vocal and adding some brain-addling, Radiophonic Workshop-esque synth wibbles, a Gimenez Remix beefs up the beats and sports some more crazy synth action, and finally William Medagli serves up a much more driving, ballsy take which, while sounding current, has echoes of that big, dramatic Sound Factory vibe from days of yore.

It's between the latter mix or the Original for me but all four will do the do, making this well worth investigating.

Out: This week

About: You can find Sleazy Deep at their website or at Robin/Rob's own Facebook page, but probably the best place to start is their Soundcloud page where you can hear the whole catalogue to date and find some downloadable podcast goodness to boot.

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