Saturday, 11 February 2012

Gurhan - Between Us EP

Okay, the last one for today then, and it's a proper deep house gem… and from a brand-new label to boot!

It's a simple two-track affair. Between Us itself hits that sweetspot where it's got enough energy for floor play (though you'd want to pick the right floor – your local Oceana/Ritzys/etc might not be it), yet enough musical depth to for home listening as well, particularly at those times when you just wanna sit back and let the sofa do its best to eat you! With long, lingering pads and plenty in the way of dynamics and texture, it's bordering on prog if we're honest, but in the best possible of ways. Over on the B, meanwhile, What You Say operates in similar territory, but this time with a more Afro feel to the percussion.

The title track's the one for me but What You Say will have its fans for sure, making for a very strong first release.

Out: This week

About: As I said, this is the debut offering from a brand spanking new label. They're based in Istanbul, they're called Deep House Proposal and if every release is gonna be as good as this one, let's hope we hear more very soon! Find 'em online here, where you can also download a whole series of podcasts (the label having spun off from a club night that's been going for a few years now, y'see)

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