Wednesday, 15 February 2012

3hundreds – Back In Love

Some straight-up goodtime house music here… and there certainly ain't nothing wrong with that. Especially not when it manages the 'uplifting without being cheesy' thing, which this does.

Just the two mixes on offer. The original is all rolling, tuff-ish tech-house beats, topped off with a female vocal that's essentially just the track's title looped and chopped endlessly, accompanied by some soaring wails. Some lovely old-skool organ sounds add the musical interest and… er, well that's about it actually but it works, trust. The accompanying Glender Mix is a more percussion-led affair, and hence the one to head for if you're vocal-allergic.

Like I said, there's nothing massively groundbreaking going on or anything, but this is solid stuff all the same, and very playable as the summer draws nearer.

Out: This week

About: 3hundreds are a duo hailing from Sydney, Australia (where of course it's summer already), and this is the third release from Congaloid, a new label headed up by Solo of Dirtybird fame. Click the link for their website or find 'em on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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