Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Desos – Girl You Look Good Tonight

We'll kick off this week's reviews with a couple of releases from producers who, coincidentally, were mentioned in yesterday's/last week's as well… starting with this one from Desos who, following on from his excursion on Deep Edition, returns here to his own Deso Records label.

Girl You Look Good Tonight is as soulfully-oriented a track as I've heard from this remarkably talented producer to date. Simple, looping percussion and a two-note keyboard riff provide the basic framework atop which sits a wistful male vocal that means this could play on 'deep' and 'soulful' house floors equally well, while on the B, the Alex Agores Midnight Dub ups the tempo and beefs up the beats, while adding a glorious synth riff that harks back to classic Ital house of the early 90s and some extra vocal elements.

Said additional elements are, I BELIEVE, sampled, and I also think I should know where from… but it escapes me right now. Still, never mind that right, the important thing you need to take away is that this is some top quality house music, whichever mix you go for. What a splendid way to get the week started, eh?

Out: 13 February ('today', when I wrote this… but 'yesterday' now, thanks to my broadband falling over at home…)

About: You can find Deso Records on Soundcloud, on MySpace or at their own website.

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