Monday, 27 February 2012

ALBUM Sleazy McQueen - 5+1

Opening with the soaring pianos of Jesus Pablo's C Major, here's as good a picture of the current state of the art when it comes to dancefloor-oriented deep (as opposed to tech) house as you'll hear all week.

From Senor Pablo we move into the Crazy P-ish vibes of Tres Gueros ft Anne Mantone's Your Love, and from there into the sheer retro joy of Crazy Boogie's Marshall Jefferson-esque Feel It. Now they're moving, a couple of more contemplative grooves keep the vibe steady in the form of Peckos's What Are You? and Sleazy's own Trains Over Broadway, building up nicely into the quirky leftfield disco-house of Z Track 05 by Noise Destruction. Then it's heads-down for Grant Dell's Don't Need Ya and Do It Proper's Love Haight, before Anne Montone's tonsils grace us once more on SMQ's Anna Due.

That's followed by the Balearically-tinged The Ride from Do It Proper again, before we come to what's the standout for me, Sleazy McQueen feat DJ Itek & Q-BAM's massive acid-tinged, Plastic Dreams-referencing Big Times, Big Tings. Grant Dell's House Tribute – which has cropped up on this blog before as I recall – and Dirtyworx' Una Cola then calm things down a little, before Tres Gueroro's Instead You Go lightens the mood with some punk-funk vibes. And then finally Mario Dujic's My Need Is You plays us out with some blissed-out space disco.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable romp, all told. And, quiet interestingly, it was brought to you by the magic of, with a list on the CD cover of all the people who chipped in to make sure the album came out. Nice work, philanthropic types – househeads worldwide will be very grateful!

Out: Today

About: This comes on Boston-based label Headtunes Recordings. Here's the usual links: website Facebook Soundcloud MySpace.

Florida boy Sleazy needs no introduction from me these days but I should also point out he's also SMQ (of course) and Tres Gueroros, so quite a lot of this album is his own work.

As regards Anne Montone… no idea. But a great voice, let's hope we hear more from her soon.

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