Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chuck Love feat Demonica Flye - The Voice

Not heard from Minneapolis housemeister Chuck Love for a while, but now here he comes again with a soulfully-inclined number that will delight lovers of traditional vocal house/garage vibes.

Ms Flye's voice reminds me a little bit of Celeda and a little bit of Michelle Weeks, as she delivers a rousing part-spoken, part-sung call to arms. "What's up with that last cut, dude?" she asks. "It sounded like R2-D2 getting busy with Ms PacMan. Where's the soul?". In the current techy and largely instrumental house climate, there will doubtless by many who are hearing that! Parping organs and a harmonised gospel-style chorus further enhance the vintage US feel… you can see this going down a storm at pool parties in Miami next month.

On the remix tip, Monte's Main Mix takes the track into shinier, spanglier, more main room territory, while Bryan Gerrard pares the vocal back a little and lets the organ come to the fore, but the pick for me is the Jevne Remix, a stripped-down and far deeper affair that chops and loops the vocal, and that will be just perfect for those 5am moments in the more specialist clubs.

Mixing soulful vox with plenty of solid dancefloor bump was always somewhat Mr Love's stock-in-trade… nice to see he hasn't lost his touch!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Vino Recordings. Like Chuck himself they're based in Minneapolis, and this is number 8 from the label, though the first that's come to my attention I will admit. You can find 'em online here, or visit Chuck Love's own website

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