Monday, 6 February 2012

Yoram - Polder Funk EP

Moving on to this week's releases, then, and first out of the blocks – based on the highly scientific principle of starting at the end of the alphabet and working backwards – is this newie from our old friends in Essex, Endemic Digital.

The Polder Funk EP is a four-track affair. The title cut and Fenomeno operate in fairly straight-up, no-explanation-necessary deep/tech house territory, while Perfect Day (not the Lou Reed song, in case you were wondering) and Glow take us into slightly floatier, proggier pastures, though you'd still want to put them under the deep/tech banner overall.

Not got HUGE amounts to say about this one – not least because Endemic never seem to supply any real info with their mailouts these days! – but it's another solid bet from the label.

Out: This week

About: Hit up the Endemic Digital website for more

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