Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Anthony Mansfield & Tal M Klein - Who's Afraid of Monty Luke

House music with a sense of humour… it's only rarely been tried, and even more rarely actually worked. So this tongue-in-cheek number from Anthony Mansfield and fellow San Franciscan Tal M Klein, which made ME chuckle at least, is most definitely to be welcomed.

Musically, Who's Afraid Of Monty Luke is a chunky slab of house at "today's lower tempos", with both techno and disco influences. It's solid stuff for sure, but it's the (mostly spoken, sometimes falsetto, sometimes vocodered) vocals that really make it… you'll have to hear it for yourself but it's almost certain to make you smile when you do. Particularly when the track announces itself as a tribute to Bob Villa, host of US DIY show This Ole House… and various of that show's technical staff.

On the B, the aforesaid Monty Luke – who the press release informs me, how reliably I'm not sure, is a friend of the pair who relocated to Detroit to work at Planet E – shows he's not afraid of himself with a remix that takes the tracks into more overtly technofied pastures. Like the vocalist I'm personally "thinking of a word that starts with an H, ends in an E, has an OUS in the middle", so it's the original for me all the way, but this mix will have its fans as well, I'm sure.

Oddly reminiscent of Grampa's She's Crazy, an early Kerri Chandler nugget, this is a quirky gem.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Tal M Klein's own San Francisco-based Aniligital Music.

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