Saturday, 4 February 2012

St Demetrius - Nocturnal Night EP

The sub-editor in me wants to grumble about the title of this EP, which is of course utterly tautologous* – what other kind of night is there, pray tell? But we'll let 'em off cos the music on it is rather good (naturally, or I wouldn't be writing about it).

Opener Chain Reaction is a simple groove, looping but evolving with nice clean percussion and just enough warmth. Nocturnal Night (ahem!) itself is in a similar vein but with a little extra funk and Latin spirit, while finally The Cold Fall is a slightly more upbeat n' chuggy cut with heavily effected pianos and vox bringing the musical depth.

All told, a very solid EP that'll please the deep/tech lovers for sure.

Out: This week

About: This is another one from the ever-prolific Endemic Digital.

*Just in case anyone was wondering, that's a phrase where one word renders the other one unnecessary. Like saying 'massively big', or 'frighteningly scary', or 'hot Sun'. Or 'Tory twat'.

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