Sunday, 9 September 2012

Tina V – Cazuela

Tina V Cazuela What Happens
A three-tracker here from What Happens that's packed with sinewy, funk-fueled tech-house flex.

There's no great reinvention of the wheel going on, admittedly: neither Cazuela itself nor the other two cuts, Take One and Ignite, do anything dramatically new and exciting that other tech-house records don't. But what they do they do very well, all three being rolling, fairly drummy affairs that are made for moving bodies, particularly in those more heads-down, locked-on moments.

And all three will do that admirably – particularly the title track, which has something of that rush-coming-on kinda feeling to its whooshy sounds and pumping b-line. It's the kind of track that could drag the most recalcitrant club sitter to their feet, the kind of track that'll push energy levels just a little higher… and we all need a few of those to reach for sometimes!

Out: This week

About: What Happens is of course my boy Tim Andresen's label, based in Denmark. Find 'em at their website, on Facebook or on MySpace.

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