Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lee Pennington – Credit Rating/Smoky Bottle

Lee Pennington Credit Rating Unrivaled Music
Some very fine deep/tech grooves here from the ever-checkable Unrivaled Music.

First up is Credit Rating, which in its Original form is a sparse-yet-luxuriant midtempo cut that chugs along nicely without feeling the need to 'do' very much at all, and that's dominated by piano/organ (?) stabs and unassuming but nonetheless rock solid 4/4s. Groove Syndicate's remix adds slightly more involved percussion and some low-end acid bubble, while Pretty Criminals' Raw To The Floor Cut has that jazzy, rough-edged feel you associate with vintage NYC house from the early 90s.

As for Smoky Bottle, in its Original form that's a slightly more uptempo/driving deep/tech dancefloor cut, with some proggy tinges around the edges, while Groove Syndicate strip it right down to the beat and bassline to turn the track into a proper dark room throbber and no mistake guv.

With not a duff mix in sight, this is a very solid bet indeed.

Out: This week

About: Unrivaled is part of the Endemic Digital stable.

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