Saturday, 22 September 2012


Next we have a couple of V/A eps on a tech-house tip.

Deeperfect Street's Stuff Vol 1
We'll head to Italy first, where Deeperfect give us the Street's Stuff Vol 1 EP. With tracks from Antonio Piacquadio, Fernando Mesa, Kenny Ground, Lopezhouse & Carlos Pulido, Pedro Mercado & Karada and Takftast, the EP as a whole can be summed up in three words – tuff, techy and rolling. Mesa's Bazinga is the standout for me, being that lil' bit funkier, but generally speaking if you want some no-nonsense, energetic dancefloor fodder this EP will do the job nicely.

Out: This week

About: You can find Deeperfect (and hear this EP) on Soundcloud

Factomania All-Stars Vol 3No-nonsense, energetic dancefloor fodder also pretty much sums up the Factomania All-Stars Vol 3 EP, though here the overall vibe leans a little more towards the deeper side, with less of the militant snares and toms and more in the way of funk-fuelled b-lines. The artists involved are Alex Gomez & Bias, Ismael Rivas, Redondo, Audio Junkies & Romrez, Rodrigo Laffertt and Sabb, with the latter's tuff, anthemic vocal cut Who Do You Love the standout for me.

Out: This week

About: As all but the dimmest of bulbs will have twigged, this comes on Spanish label Factomania.

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