Friday, 7 September 2012

ALBUM - Various/Cole Jonson - Choice Cuts 7

Cole Jonson Choice Cuts Vol 7 Endemic Digital
There's 22 tracks on this album so I'm buggered if I'm gonna sit here and attempt to describe every single one of 'em in turn!

So we'll just keep it short and sweet. Endemic Digital is one of the most prolific and reliable providers of deep/tech house grooves we've got in the UK. Here are 22 of their tracks, from the likes of Onionz, Simon Firth, Dan Price, Stefan K and many more, which Cole Jonson has very thoughtfully done some DJ jiggery-pokey with so that it all flows as one long continuous mix.

It's a crazy idea but you never know, it might catch on cos this is rather good. One can envisage young people jacking their bodies to it in discotheques and so forth.

Out: This week

About: The best place to find Endemic at the mo' seems to be on Facebook.

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