Friday, 28 September 2012

Takasi Nakajima & Maarten Mittendorff – Circulate EP

Takasi Nakajima Maarten Mittendorff Circulate EP Restructured
We continue the Japanese connection here, with this two-tracker from probably the hardest-to-spell duo in the history of the world.

Again there's just the two mixes. In its Original form, Circulate is a dark, driving and chunky affair, sitting right on the house/techno border and scattered liberally with live piano and sampled string downsweeps, the overall effect making me want to get the word 'Garnier-esque' down from the top shelf where I've put it out of reach to stop myself using it too much. But no, I really mustn't. Anyway over on the B, the Ian O'Donovan refix is in a deeper, darker vein still.

But only slightly so, I should add. There's not a lot in it really, and either mix will do you proud if/when you need a peaktime, energetic, crescendo kinda track without sullying your set with the over-obvious.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Toronto-based techno imprint Restructured.

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