Friday, 7 September 2012

Anthony Attala – Bump Dump Hump

Anthony Attala Bump Dump Hump Great Stuff
Well, I said we were going a bit more pumping tonight… here's a release then that doesn't just pump, it pumps, humps, dumps and bumps. Although not necessarily in that order.

"That's all well and good, Russ," I hear you say. "But how does it hump? In what manner does it bump? And in what wise does it pump? Could you be just a little more specific?" So I will. It does ALL those things – including the dumping that you so cruelly overlooked – in fairly typical Great Stuff rollicking tech-house fashion, but with a little added disco-house sparkle. Basically.

And there's a slightly less spangly remix from Uto Karem, too. That is all.

Out: This week

About: As the quicker-off-the-mark among you will have realised by now, this comes on Great Stuff.

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