Monday, 10 September 2012

So many tunes, so little time 28

Okay then, usual story for a Monday night then: here's the rest of last week's goodies that we didn't around to…

Atnarko kick us off with Violent Sky, which is the first release on a brand new Florida-based label, Dance: Revolt. With Sam Mollison on vocals, expect chunky grooves in that currently v. popular “deep/tech house + soulful male vox” stylee, with the Three Piece Suit Remix having a slightly future garage-ish vibe about it as well… Autim's Approaching for Sounds Of Juan is another tech-house chugger and comes in four mixes, with the sumptuous Glasidum Take It Deep Remix working best for me… Royal Elastics comes from brilliantly-named Korean producer Bagagee Viphex and is best heard as a rolling tech-houser on the Unjin Remix. Russia's Spring Tube are the label behind this one… Berlin's excellent Steyoyoke – whose superb podcasts have featured many times on the TIWWD Facebook page – give us Deeplodocus from Bartok, which features three tracks of moody tech-house with slightly progressive leanings and a tendency towards disturbing spoken vocals… Chord's Year As A Ghost is a six-track EP that operates mostly in downtempo/ambient territories, but seekers of the very deepest of late-night house music should check for the track Should TalkD'Marco's Class Of 86 on Arcko Digital is a good bet for some energetic, unpretentious peak-time house/filter disco action… Dan Stoneman takes us on a drum-led tech/tribal house journey with Arikara, which comes on Influential House… Show You The Funka comes from Not So Fast, the San Fran house label formerly owned by DK 'Short Bus Kids' Watts, and is another six-track EP, this time coming from Dropzilla, AKA Spanish SF-based producer Richard DeSoto, with the emphasis on kooky, quirky left-of-centre house grooves… by way of contrast, Greg Sawyer turns in the You Can Have More Happiness EP which is LESS left-of-centre than normal for Falk Recordings, being home instead to three very playable straight-up deep house cuts… Frankyeffe's Cut-Off EP comes on Leeds-based Respekt Recordings and is mostly a bit too full-on techno for this blog, but check the Mladem Tonic Remix for some fine rolling tech-house… The House Hookers are a rising Manc DJ duo whose expertise lies in rocking the floors of the bigger, more commercial house floors and to be fair This Truly Is a production debut that will do that for sure, but is actually proper house music and not some godawful electro/dirty dutch slab of gorgonzola horribleness… Husky & Meital De Razon's Make It Fly comes on Universe Media and will delight those in search of some contemporary soulful house that's actually got some bollocks to it… Canada's Mr Jean Louis is most firmly in the house (in various deep/tech shades) with Bazouka on FactoXL… Kiko Navarro present Koko cover(s) Double's 80s pop gem Captain Of Her Heart inna deep house stylee and it KINDA works, though for me a more faithful rendering of the vocal would've been better (they've messed with the phrasing of the chorus and it upsets me a little bit)… Lutzenkirchen's Plateau De Noir is techno of the deep, muscular, clubby variety and comes on Incorrect Music… Italian former tech-trance 'lizard' (see what I did?) Mauro Picotto gets HIS tech-house groove on as well with Password, which comes on his own Alchemy Records and boasts the added attraction of what sounds very like a sampled Loleatta vocal, though I can't place it… there's some more solid deep house from Piston Recordings with the Secrets Of The Trade EP by Rogerio MartinsSergio Marini & Luciano Mancini, a duo with possibly the single most Italian name in the history of Being Called Names, surprise with the Travel Back EP 2 – a surprise because it's the deepest techno we've heard from Beenoise in a many a month, and the best as well, the Minimal Mix of Are You Sleepy? is the bomb… Snappa's Varm is one for those who like their techno dark and twisted but with da funk (especially on the Adrian Hour Remix) as well… and you could say much the same about Last Internet Hero, which is by Spartaque and comes on Italy's Deeperfect… some fine (very) deep/tech bizniss comes to you courtesy of Black Key Records, a new label based in Brighton who give us a three-track V/A sampler featuring BLM, Flori and James Johnston… AND FINALLY, Yakka's My Disco EP on Street King features five house tracks in – you guessed it – a discofied kinda vein but in a pleasingly non-cheesy way. The Negro-esque interestellar disco dreamery of Summer Day wins out for me but the Grease-sampling See The Light deserves an honourable mention too, as does the slightly Brass Construction-esque Miss Saxoheat and truth be told it's a pretty fine EP all round.

What a fine way to end the round-up! This week's reviews start tomorrow night… but do check some of the above out, please, it's been a busy week otherwise quite a lot of those would've had bigger reviews – there's some proper nuggets in there.

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