Thursday, 13 September 2012

Phlash – House Phillerz Vol 2

Phlash House Phillerz Vol 2 Archive Italy
Phil Asher once more steps out in his Phlash disguise and reminds us that for all the soul-jazz-broken beat noodles he still remembers a thing or two about proper stompin' house music.

There's three tracks on offer, all quite different. Deep Beat is what it says, a stripped, looping groove for those 3am locked-on moments… Vaporize is a bleepy, smoke-strobe-poppers acid belter… and then finally All I Want is a jazzy affair with more than a hint of vintage Jersey garage about it, not to mention a very familiar vocal sample.

With three tracks this varied yet this good, I'd say Mr Asher is frankly just showing off…

Out: This week

About: This comes Italian label Archive. Can't seem to find a website for them so here's Phil's, sorry Phlash's, MySpace instead. They do show up on Discogs, though.

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