Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Audiojack – These Days EP

Audiojack These Days EP Gruuv
A five-track EP here from Leeds duo Audiojack on their own Gruuv label. And what a fine EP it is too. In total you get three mixes of These Days itself, plus Night Watch and, er, well, we'll come to that in a mo'. 

In its Original form, These Days is jackin' contemporary dancefloor deep house bizniss, with a spoken vocal about the good ol' vinyl days, disillusionment with modern music… all the usual shizzle we've heard before but we'll forgive 'em cos there's also one SERIOUS motherfucker of a fat b-line. The Jimmy Edgar Interpretation (what a great name for a mix… it's like it was done in the 1940s at BBC Maida Vale Studios, by a man in a tuxedo with Bryclreemed hair) all but ditches the vocal but adds some heavyweight garage-y bump n' swing and female vocal oohs and awws, while the Sacha Robotti 2029 G.I.T.S. Remix is a big-room tech-house pass. 

Elsewhere, Night Watch is another BIG track with rock-solid 4/4s, disco stabs, another phat n' funky b-line and some old-skool piano licks applied very sparingly, while to round out the EP the lads give us their '20 Year Tribute' take on Plastic Dreams. It's a brave move, but it works… so it's hard not to smile really.

Night Watch and the Jimmy Edgar rub of These Days that stand out for me but like I said, it's a fairly spiffing, top-hole sort of gramophone record all round really, what? As our imaginary friend at Maida Vale would say.

Out: This week

About: You can find Gruuv on Facebook and Soundcloud. And, seeing as they're Yorkshire lads, here's Audiojack's own Soundcloud as well.

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