Thursday, 20 September 2012

Jeff Keenan – Sweet EP

Jeff Keenan Sweet EP Headtunes
We jump back over to the other side of the pond now with this latest from Boston's Headtunes Recordings, which comes from local boy Jeff Keenan.

There are just two tracks, but six mixes in total. Sweet itself is, again, a very now-sounding affair, peaktime deep/tech house with garage-y overtones in its original form. NYC's Daniel Marin pushes the 'deep' slider up and the 'tech' slider down on his mix, while LA's Android Cartel do the reverse on theirs and Brummie lad Dan Warby represents for the UK, taking us into organic, soul/funk-fuelled pastures with a Rhythm & Sax mix that's got 'Southport' written all over it. 

Need Love, meanwhile, is all Murk-y drums, some of the deepest pads/drops known to mankind and layered ethereal female vox… a 5am dancefloor dream… while Tamer Maliki & Sergio Santos give the track a more straight-up 4/4 backdrop and downtune the vocal half an octave or so. 

The original of Need Love and the Marin Rub of Sweet would be my picks here but it really is all… the opposite of bad, to coin a phrase.

Out: This week

About: You can find Headtunes on such popular social networking services as Soundcloud and Facebook, or alternatively, you might like to visit them at their own website

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