Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sotho Araya & Zamora – So… Groove EP

Sotho Araya & Zamora So Groove K9
More very fine grooves inna chugging deep/tech stylee here, courtesy of relatively new UK label K9 Records (not to be confused with Germany's !K7) and a mysterious Iberican duo who we're told are two "veterans of the Spanish house scene" under a new name…

So… Groove itself is the most obviously Ibiza-sounding of the three, a terrace-friendly relentless chugger with maracas n' shakers galore. Hell Dub is a darker cut with tribal-tinged percussion, disorienting sampled speech and some serious synth-bass squelch, while as for Break Circuit… you know when a tune kinda fools you at first into thinking it's gonna be A.N.Other tedious drum cut, only then a SERIOUSLY fat n' phunky bassline wings in out of nowhere and all hell breaks loose on the floor? Well, yeah… that. The force of Morel's Grooves is strong in this one…

Three sterling cuts made for proper underground house floors, what more recommendation can I give this, really?*

Out: This week

About: This is number 16 from K9, which is a new label set up by former Cr2 man Chris Ward. Find at their website, on Soundcloud or on Facebook.

* I suppose I could tell you that the likes of Luciano, Hawtin, Omid 16B, my boy Wally Lopez and Stacey Pullen are apparently also fans…

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