Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Benedict – We_Ctrl [2] EP

Benedict We_Ctrl [2]
Following from the excellent We_Ctrl 001 EP which featured on here back in July from Tomson & Benedict, the latter goes it alone for the somewhat inconsistently-titled* but otherwise very fine We_Ctrl [2] EP.

The main event here is Why Don't You Finish With Me, which comes in two mixes. The original's energetic, a little bit tribal/drummy/terrace-y and a little bit disco-y around the edges, and playable enough. But for me the cut really comes into its own on the Fulbert '588' Remix, which unusually for a remix uses MORE of the 'woman wronged' spoken vox ("you promised you'd stay home tonight… you said you wouldn't work nights any more") and places them over a tuff, dark and chuggy backdrop, the overall effect being not unlike a 2012 deep/tech house descendent of Jonny L's dark classic Answering Machine. Rounding out the EP, Problem With My Snuffbox is another energetic deep houser with leanings towards both disco and dub, while Sequencing is some proper classic deep house bump for ya head and ya hips.

Last time out I said "more soon, please". I'll say it again now.

Out: This week

About: You can find We_Ctrl, who are based in Manchester (it's all about northern cities I used to live in tonight) on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website. Oh, and check this for a mission statement: We_Ctrl say their raison d'être is to release "electronic music unashamedly inspired by decades of house, garage and techno from the cities of Detroit, Chicago & New York, with the do-it-yourself ethos entrenched in the underground."

I can think of no finer aims for a label, personally, so show some love!

* (unless I've got it wrong, of course, which is always possible. I am blonde, after all.)

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