Friday, 7 September 2012

Pach DJ – Global Apocalypse

Pach DJ Global Apocalypse Street King
It's Friday night so tonight I think we'll look at a couple of more pumping releases (well, as pumping as it gets round these parts), starting with this latest from Street King.

Global Apocalypse comes in three mixes, without an Original in sight. Mihalis Safras's rub is tuff, techy and driving, while Mikee's Solito Mix is techier and darker still. It's the Lee Burton Remix that's doing it for me best, though: it's a little less hi-octane but all the more involving for it. I think I used the phrase "dark, sinuous grooves" yesterday so I won't again, but you get the idea… there's a fairly hefty dose of acid in there too.

Out: This week on Beatport… everywhere else you'll have to wait till November 26 (I know it seems like a long time but that's what it says here)

About: Street King is part of the King Street stable, as you know no doubt have realised by now

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