Monday, 24 September 2012

Helder Teixeira - Eco EP

Helder Teixieira Eco EP Sounds Of Juan
Last one for tonight… this comes from Sounds Of Juan and sits somewhere between tech-house, deep techno and minimal.

There are three tracks. Dream Box is all stuttery rhythms, underwater noises and random synth stabs n' squiggles, with floaty vocal samples thrown in over the top every now and again. Eco Box itself is a militantly stripped-down, percussive techno cut with a very odd sampled vocal (some young girl addressing a green conference or something, by the sounds of it… which I guess would explain the title). But the standout here for me is Mysterious House, which moves closer to deep house territory with its muted jazz horns, tiny snatches of spoken vocal and nagging high-end percussion.

Mysterious House is definitely the one for me personally but the EP as a whole is a solid bet if you like your tech-house on the slightly more twitchy, experimental side.

Out: This week

About: You can find Sounds Of Juan via the Endemic Digital Facebook page.

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