Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rene Beer – Leaving Memories

Rene Beer Leaving Memories Zipped Records
Upping the pace a little next with this deep tech-house offering from rising Croatian producer Rene Beer, brought to you by the UK's Zipped Records.

It's a three-track affair. Leaving Memories itself is a lively little pulser in its original form: it's the kind of dark, sinuous groove you associate with Steve Lawler, only without going OTT on the drums. The Kephee Remix of the same brings a little more light, boasting some cool sounds that say "vintage NY/NJ style" to me without descending into mere pastiche, while finally bonus cut Broken Heart is a notch more techno-fied perhaps but just as groovy.

I'll be brutally honest, sometimes Zipped – much as I appreciate their support for TIWWD, which has been unflagging! – can go a little too experimental/abstract for me. But when they get it right, they get it oh-so-right and this time out, I'm happy to say, they get it very right indeed.

Out: This week

About: You can find out all you need to know about Rene Beer from his website, while Zipped can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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