Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yogi & Steve K – Rhythm Turns Me On

It's been a long day… busy with lots of different things and quite knackered now, so just the one review for you tonight. But it's an absolute cracker, I promise!

See how I said last week that I'd kind of fallen out of love with 'soulful house' these past few years? Well, that's true… a large part of the reason that being that the music's just gotten so polite and wishy-washy. Lacking in dancefloor oomph… lacking bollocks, if you will. So what a JOY it is to come across a soulful house record in 2012 that – gasp! – actually has dancefloor energy in spades… which this certainly does. It's also got a lyric that expresses my feelings about house music very nicely – "this music's sent from up above, let it rain down with love".

So yeah… this record is great, basically, and I'd strongly recommend you acquaint yourself with its charms at the earliest possible opportunity.

Mix-wise, well… there are seven to choose from, including rubs from Husky, JD73 and label co-boss (er, I thought he was anyway, though he's described on the hype sheet as "our office cleaner and wannabe DJ"!) Craig Stewart – but I'm not going into them all one-by-one. Partly for the same reasons you're only getting one review, and partly because while all the mixes are very playable, and while between them they cover various shades from "more mellow and musical" to "pumped-up and sporting loads of ace space disco stabs", the standout BY FAR comes from relevant newcomers dEEP DJOE & Pedro Mazz.

The Portuguese twosome give us two mixes but it's their Funky Mix that's the killer – check out its rollicking, parping Hammonds and disagree with me. I dares ya.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Universe Media, find them online here. If you read the 'about' bit, it seems the label's solely Martina Lancaster's baby so maybe I had it wrong before or maybe things have changed… anyway more importantly I should also mention that Yogi and Husky should of course be familiar to you from their Random Soul guise.

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