Monday, 21 May 2012

So many tunes, so little time 16

It's Monday… so it must be time once more for a round-up of the 'best of the rest' of last week's releases

Hugo Ibarra – The Mute EP
A four-tracker here from Mexico's We Are Here label, best filed under 'progressive house' though hailing from the deeper end of that particular sub-spectrum. The epic, sweeping The Human Machine stands out.

I-Cue feat Ill-Esha – When The Bass Drops
Pop-tastic to the maximum, this is nonetheless not without its charms: think an Addicted To Bass for 2012, with some eight mixes to choose from. Check the old-skool rave touches on Billy Ray Stylus's Achy Breaks Mix.

Loree feat IKM – Musa
Solid chuggy tech-house vibes from F*** House Music here, with a more musical, soulful pass in the form of the Speakdeep Afrosoul Mix. Not 100% convinced by the vocal personally but give it a listen and make your own mind up…

Noël Jackson – My Baby Don't Stop
A soulfully-tinged houser that sits somewhere between classic Chi-town deep and the more contemporary sound of Berlin, with mixes from Special Case and Tripmastaz. Comes on Jackson's own brand new Detroit-based label Hypertone.

From P60 with Lisa Shaw – Magic
I'll be honest and say I don't think the song itself is particularly strong here. But it's hard not to like anything graced by the tonsils of Ms Shaw, particularly when remixes come from the likes of Chuck Love and Harley + Muscle.

Terry Brookshire – Hypnotique
Deep techno/tech-house grooves with a disco twist here from the ever-prolific Endemic Digital camp. Moojah, NameSpace and d00sh provide the remixes, with Moojah's deeper pass taking the top honours for my money

Various – 10 Years Of Motech Pt 2
Second installment in this anniversary series from the long-running Detroit label, featuring tracks from DJ 3000, Franki Juncaj and Gerald Mitchell, with remixes by Mark Broom, Luke Hess, Chris Finke, OktoRed and The Eerier Child. The latter's dubstep-meets-deep techno take on Junaj's Moodstream is the killer.

Onur Ozman – He Was Young
A quick and easy to one to end on cos I didn't actually get sent this! Switzerland's Da Funk was however kind enough to send through his remix, an epic, synthy number sitting somewhere between deep house, nu-disco and Balearic, that's tailor-made for sunny, spangled Ibiza afternoons.
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Thanks also this week to (deep breath): 2Sky, Afrobeat AKA Massa, Andrea Mattioli + Stefano Kosa, Buried Boy, Chris Hathaway, Clap Rules, D'Flower feat Gaya, Diavlo, Different Language, DJ W!ld, Emeskay, Grand St, John Fash, Kry Wolf, Marco Rea + RU.DiJ, Piatto, Prok + Fitch, Ross Richards, Simon Heartfield, Technodreamer, The Marx Trukker, Tom Wax, Vasily Goodkov and Yohmss. Bound to be some goodies I've slept on in there as well but as I've said before, there's only so many hours in the day…

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