Thursday, 24 May 2012

Huxley & Sam Russo – Jamma's Basement

Okay, last one for tonight… last one for a few days, probably, cos TIWWD is going away for a long weekend's R&R and Mrs TIWWD thinks that should involve a bit less time hunched over a laptop and a bit more time actually talking to her and stuff! She's right, of course, but I couldn't go away without telling you about this one.

Leftroom seem to have a knack of always being just that little bit ahead of the curve, and this team-up between two currently v. hot producers is no exception. Jamma's Basement WOULD be a fairly standard deep/tech workout, were it not for the use of a big, boomin' bass that harks all the way back to the hardcore days; I'd suggest there's a dubstep/bass music influence there too. Top that off with vocal stabs both female (ethereral, garage-y) and male (tribal, chanty), and you've got an anthem in the making.

Over on the B, meanwhile, William's Trainers starts out, again sounding like your standard techy chugger (albeit your standard techy chugger done very well)… but then in come the organs – big, Jersey-ish organs – and it's game over.

It took these two tracks a day or two to sink in with me, but now they have, I'm thinking this is very possibly the best release of the week, and that's something I very rarely say.

Out: This week

About: This actually comes on sub-label Leftroom Ltd, not Leftroom itself, though quite what the difference is I'm not sure. Anyway they can be found on Facebook… their website seems to be doing something strange at the mo'.

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