Thursday, 3 May 2012

Eternal City – Games

Just the second release here from Hadogy, the label headed up by Italy's DJ Haldo, known for his releases on the likes of Transport and Conya. Like the label's debut Come To Me, it comes from Eternal City – which is Haldo plus partners-in-crime Gianno Sponti and Dom 'Mod' Scuteri.

We're in fairly traditional house territory, but with a pleasing variety of mixes on offer, all featuring the same spoken vocal, apparently culled from a 60s movie. The Gianni Sponti Mix is deep, floaty and slightly prog-tinged, Haldo's Deep Piano Mix really shouldn't take much explaining, the Mod feat Haldo Reprise Mix is a even more floaty and chilled pass, the Nasty Mix (from the Italian DJ who's called Nasty) is a slightly tougher, more electronic rub, the Haldo feat Red Skins Aperitime Mix is a jazzy, soulful, lounge-y take with lots of live flute, sax, shakers etc while finally veteran Italian disco jock Ray Pedroso serves up a beefier house fix.

Basically, if you play house music at all, then you should find something to play here! Nice.

Out: This week

About: Here's the Hadogy website… they don't seem to go in for social media much, or at least not yet…

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