Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Norm Talley – Travlin' EP

Okay, TIWWD is now back, back, BACK!* after a long and most relaxing weekend in sunny Wales. Remind me that I still owe you a round-up of the rest of last week's releases that I didn't get around to before I went, but right now time, tides and release schedules wait for no man, so let's crack on with this week's releases, starting with this three-tracker from Norm Talley.

Talley is a Detroit producer who's been in the game for over 25 years, and his experience and production knowledge certainly shine through here. Analog Dreams works a VERY familiar vocal sample (I won't spoil it) over militant snare-heavy riddims, ION is a deeper, more late-night houser with a jazzy kinda vibe and finally Travlin' itself sees the Detroit influences come to the fore beats-wise while a meandering, mournful sax line brings the musicality.

Three very different tracks, then, but all three are of the highest quality, making this something of a must-check for all lovers of the deep.

Out: This week on vinyl, next week digitally

About: This is only the fifth release from London-based label Landed Records… to find out more about 'em visit their website or hit 'em up on Facebook.

*Cheesy phrasing © Smash Hits, 1980s

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