Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lexy vs Shades Of Gray – Dondi Bisco

Fresh from providing one of the remixes on SoG's Soul Machine album, here German producer Lexy, AKA Alexander Gerlach, teams up with the Aussie/Czech duo once more for a two-tracker on his own Moensterbox label.

The A-side, Dondi Bisco itself, is a perfectly serviceable slab of deep house, dancefloor-friendly with a little added disco polish, but it's actually B-side Cariah Marey I'm feeling more. Here, a spoken sampled vocal (presumably culled from an interview with the almost-eponymous diva herself?) bemoaning the stupidity and ignorance of racism sit atop a slightly more thumpin', pumpin' backdrop, with a neat line in rumbling low-end and a blink-and-you''ll-miss-it snip of the mighty Janet's Nasty thrown in for good measure.

I was clearly MEANT to review this record, cos by sheer coincidence and/or the will of the flying spaghetti monster, it landed the very day after I'd had Control on for the first time in years. But yeah, if you dig the cheeky cut-ups so beloved of the likes of Bounce House or Borrowed, you'll love this.

Out: This week

About: Find Moensterbox online here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook)

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