Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Peter O – In Our Time EP

Is it a while since we had anything from Electric Sheep Recordings on here? Seems like it has been… not sure how that's happened but anyway, here's their latest. And it's rather good.

A Brighton-based artist who (it says here) has been DJing since the late 80s but only recently started making steps into production, Peter O serves up for your pleasure two fully instrumental originals. Space is an almost textbook late-night deep house groove, all pads and hi-hats and a luvverly warm bassline, while In Our Time is slightly more downtempo, atmospheric and filmic.

You then also get two remixes of the latter cut. Dorothy's Ghost go full-on downtempo and experimental and I have to say their remix leaves these ears a little cold, but Pretty Criminals' Time Is Acid Remix is worth checking, though its not the retro jack-fest you might be expecting, rather branching out into leftfield techno pastures.

It's Space that stands out for me but this is a strong EP all round.

Out: This week

About: Find Electric Sheep online here.

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