Monday, 14 May 2012

Angelo Donorio – Dance!

And so we move on, inexorably, to this week's releases, and the latest from Amsterdam's 90Watts.

If you want to endear your new record to these old ears, then lifting the vocal from The Untouchables' early 90s Strictly Rhythm classic Dance To The Rhythm isn't a bad way of going about it, to be fair… though the Original mix here is a slice of shiny, spangly big-room house that's a little TOO shiny, spangly and big-room for me, to be honest. There are slightly deeper vibes on the Live Mix, but it's the two rolling tech-house rubs from Hi-Fi Mystery School that are doing it best for me.

And THOSE, I should add, are doing it most pleasingly. 90Watts on-point as ever!

Out: This week

About: The Untouchables were actually Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez, for those not in the know (for which read: over 40). Anyway, back in the present day, here's the 90Watts website, Soundcloud and MySpace.

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