Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ny*Ak – Stump

"Some of the good pitched-down stuff from deep disco diver Ny*Ak," reads the hype sheet for this one.

And, well, yeah. It's a four-track affair. Tenderly is a slo-mo cut with breathy fem vox, drawn-out arps and an overall post-club, comedown kinda feel. Jewel is even slower-mo to start with, a chunky, glitchy number that then goes on to do strange things to some classic Balearic pianos, while Mahna works snips of garage-y male vocal, party noise and a seriously rumblin' b-line into a slightly more floor-oriented offering topped off with some lovely tinking vibes and occasional snatches of jazz-funk geetar.

The latter is particularly cool but the standout for me is Echoes, which pairs a very familiar vocal courtesy of a certain former Geordie schoolteacher with subterranean bass growls and a looped "house, house, house" sample to really quite devastating effect. Shut your eyes and just feel it throbbing!

Out: This week

About: This comes on the mighty Paper Recordings, pretty much always an assurance of quality! Find 'em online here.

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