Wednesday, 23 May 2012

4 Beat Club – Doppelganger

"Somewhere between deep, old-skool and jacking," is how the hype sheet describes this one. Which is fair enough… or you could just say "tuff house in the classic style" which would work equally well.

It's a four-track affair, with two mixes of the title track plus bonus cuts It's A Riot and Little Black Box. And, er… "tuff house in the classic NYC style" is pretty much how I'd describe Doppelganger, which also features some great trumpet action and (on the original, though not on the Craig Hamilton Remix) a female "all right" vocal sample you may remember from I Am Ready. The other two cuts are in a slightly friskier, more Chicago-y kinda vein: head for It's A Riot if you want retro thrills or Little Black Box if you just can't get enough of those trumpets.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Trendy Mullet, and is in fact no. 30 from the Dover stable. Find 'em on Facebook and Soundcloud, or at their own website.

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