Monday, 21 May 2012

Citizen Kain – About

A nice easy one to review this, cos there's only two mixes, and it's quite a simple kinda track. But sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

In this case, the simple idea Citizen Kaid had was to take vocal samples saying "it's all about the music" and "house", then chop and loop 'em up over a no-nonsense, heads-down club chugger of a backing, notable mostly for its looping bassline and stabs that sound like a digitally distorted trumpet. And it works, big time – it's hard to imagine any halfway-decent club floor not rockin' to this.

Label boss DJ Fresh supplies a rerub on the flip that's essentially the same but with slightly busier, more techno-y percussion, some extra rising synths and a breakdown in the middle. Either's good*.

It is, indeed, all about house.

Out: Today

About: As I just said "label owner DJ Fresh," you've surely already twigged that this comes on French label Freshin Records. They're on Soundbook and Cloudface, don't you know?

*If REALLY pushed I'll go for the sparser, housier original but like I said, either's good.

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