Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wez Saunders – Dancing And Losing Control EP

Wez Saunders Dancing And Losing Control EP Hype Muzik
A simple two-tracker here from Mr Endemic Digital himself, but this time coming on the vaguely affiliated Hype Muzik.

The A-side is called The A-Side and is a nice chunky, unhurried organ-fuelled deep house/deep garage, with a female vocal wail sitting on top that reminds me so much of Blind Truth's Love Is The Key from back in the day it's not true. If it's actually a sample then 20 spotter points to me! Anyway yeah, it's a winner.

But the confusingly named The B-Side (Dancing And Losing Control) is even better, a slightly more driving, upbeat deep houser with – as seems to be very in-vogue at the moment – chipmunk'y rave vox, in this case the same Nona Hendryx sample as was used in Krome + Time's The Slammer (nil spotter points for that one though, it says it right here on the press release). There's some nice old skool piano action in there, too, though it's quite subtle.

Put together, two strong tracks add up to one must-check EP!

Out: This week

About: Find Hype Muzik at their own blog.

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