Friday, 10 August 2012

Stefan Kaye – Summer Days EP

Stefan Kaye Summer Days EP Endemic Digital
Sorry to revert to clichés but the clue really is in the title with this one, as Stefan Kaye serves up some mellow, sunshine-infused deep house grooves for your beach-loungin' pleasure.

There are four tracks in total, and while the above description pretty much covers them all, we can't really just leave the review there. So, Summer Days itself is a little bit disco-tinged (but just a little bit), I Can See Your Love is out-and-out floaty n' Balearic, Right Time is more laidback and sultry while the pick for me is The Penthouse, a proper deep n' lazy late-night gem.

And what do you know, the sun's actually shining as I write this and everything! Hurrah.

Out: This week

About: This comes courtesy of our old friends Endemic Digital, who seem to be mostly contactable via Facebook at the mo'

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