Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Owen Howells – The Seen EP

Owen Howells The Seen EP Shades Of Grey
Three mixes on offer of this deep gem from Owen Howells.

In its Original form, The Seen is a tech-tinged low-end rumbler with a distinctive "I've seen things/things you'll never, ever see" spoken vocal looping pretty much throughout and a slightly dubby kinda vibe. Rico Casazza's remix takes us even deeper into late-night territory – though there's still a fairly strong 4/4 if you think your afterhours floor can take it – and has a dreamy, proggy feel, and plenty of distortion applied to the vox. The standout for me, though, is the Dexter Kane Remix, which is similar in vibe to the original but leaning a little more to the house-y side.

Quality tackle for sofa-surfers everywhere, whichever mix you go for.

Out: This week

About: This comes on UK label Shades Of Grey, which is co-run by Owen himself along with Fybe:One and Duct, and which shouldn't be confused with the Aussie/Czech production outfit Shades Of Gray. Or a certain book. Anyway you can find 'em here (Facebook) and also here (Soundcloud)

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