Sunday, 5 August 2012

Matt Prehn feat Dené Theron – Taking It Back

Matt Prehn feat Dené Theron Taking It Back Savoir Faire Musique
Somewhere, on a private Carribean island or in a secret underground lair or something, there's an evil genius who turns out deep house producers, arming them with a magic sack full of pads, organs and chopped-up vocal snippets before setting them loose while shouting "fly, my pretties, fly!" and cackling manically.

No, seriously. How else do you explain the seemingly endless stream of young talents who you've never heard of one minute, then who are suddenly blinding you with quality remixes of every second or third record you hear? Matches is the production wunderkind in question here, his mix of this west coast-style bumper from South Africa's finest – featuring a vocal from Ms Theron that's not a little Lisa Shaw-esque* – just edging out from a very fine pack that also includes rubs from Evren Ulusoy and Mr Prehn himself… and being just one of several Matches productions to grab this reviewer by the ears of late. Whereas six months ago, if you'd said "Matches" I'd have said "Bryant & May". Or possibly "Swan Vestas".

The EP as a whole, though, is every bit as good as the dream-team line-up of Prehn, Ulusoy, Matches and Savoir Faire Musique would have you hoping. Rewind, play it back…

Out: This week

About: This comes, as I just subtly let slip, on Scott Harrington's Savoir Faire Musique, always a fave of this blog, who live here and here and here (Facebook, Soundcloud, blog)

*Just in case Dené Theron ever reads this… being compared to the mighty Lisa is definitely a compliment in my book, NOT a dismissal!

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