Friday, 10 August 2012

ALBUM Quincy Jointz – Lime Sorbet II

Quincy Joints Lime Sorbet 2 Eighth Dimension
The second compilation from German DJ Quincy Jointz, in the spirit of his former radio show of the same name.

Informed by funk, hip-hop, Afrobeat, boogaloo, acid jazz and 60s Hammond mod grooves, the album apparently "spotlights some of the coolest acts in the funky nu-boogie scene"… well, I wouldn't know about scenes, but artists include Ursula 1000, Stereo 77, DJ Kid Stretch, jazz.k.lippa, Zamali, DJ Enne and many more. And if that's not much help… think Gilles P at Dingwalls, Deee-Lite circa Dewdrops In The Garden, late-period Beasties, Across The Tracks and the kind of dusty funk-breaks LA's Cold Busted label do so well – all mashed together at some mojito-fuelled pool party and laced liberally with familiar samples – and you're kind of in the right ballpark.

An eclectic, party-hearty 16-track ride coming in mixed and unmixed versions, just in time for those late summer barbecues.

Out: Now (but only since last week)

About: This comes on Orlando, Florida-based Eighth Dimension, who've put out stuff from Q-Burns Abstract Message in the past… as well as a bunch of other people whose names don't begin with Q!

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