Friday, 10 August 2012

ALBUM Pig & Dan – Decade

Pig & Dan Decade Soma
I always used to say that Pig & Dan were among my favourite techno producers. I don't think I can really say that any more.

Not because I don't like Pig & Dan any more, nor because they've been usurped by some sudden inrush of young pretenders. Just because the boundaries between house and techno have blurred so much in recent years that I'm not sure the 'techno' tag is even relevant anymore. Pig & Dan always were among the 'housiest' of techno producers anyway; now, as they mark ten years in the game with this album – which is actually a new album, rather than the 'best of' you might expect – it'd be a braver man than me that filed them under either heading.

So let's not bother. Instead we'll just say that when it comes to lavishly produced muscular, funk-fuelled dancefloor grooves, low on pretension but high on polish and instantly accessible without resorting to cheap idiot-friendly thrills, few do it better. Chuck in some deeper/more mellow moments such as The Nurse and Insomnia, and one outstanding reggae-vocalled stomper in the form of Breadrin Beats, and you've got an album that I for one know I'll be returning to many times.

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