Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kel Quadrant – Jazz Face EP

Kel Quadrant Jazz Face EP Dizzy Funk
The fourth release here from Sean Dizzyfunk's label Dizzy Funk Music and, as the name might imply, jazz-fuelled, bumpin' deep house bizniss is the order of the day.

In its Original form, Jazz Face is fairly sparse, all tumbling drums, trumpet parps and spoken vocal samples from the "deep-voiced old-time musician talking about the good ol' days" school of thought. The Chris Quadrant Remix uses more of said vocal, which it marries with rolling beats, a phat-ass b-line and most importantly lashings of meandering saxomophone for a warmer ride… it's groovy, baby.

Elsewhere, Jazz Funkin' (or rather the Kinky Movement Remix thereof) is a more pumping dancefloor deep houser with another phat bassline, and with geetars wukka-wukking in the background behind garage-y vocal snips, while finally Jazz Facing In Outer Space is another more uptempo cut but this time one aimed more at the very late floors with its long, spaced-out backgrounds and overall trippy feel.

A strong deep house package you could reach for in a variety of situations, without a duff cut in sight – if pushed the Chris Quadrant Remix of the title track edges it for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find Dizzyfunk in Peterborough, if you happen to be passing that way. OR you can find them on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website (still under construction at the mo' but we live in hope)

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