Friday, 10 August 2012

Android Cartel – Tattle Tale Nightlife EP

Android Cartel Tattle Tale Nightlife EP F*** House Music
Been a while since we heard from F*** House Music… all the activity of late seems to have been around sister label Sleazy Deep. But here they are back again with a three-tracker from LA's Android Cartel, a duo comprising DONS Reagan and Chris AKA (NB: those may not be their real names).

The hype sheet has this down as techno, but I'd say tech-house was at least equally fitting a description, especially in the current climate (see Pig & Dan review, below). Nightlife rides a chugging, rolling rhythm with a male vocal that sounds like it's saying 'LSD, well well' but probably isn't. Tattle Tale Room is in a similar kinda vein, a little bit tougher perhaps but still not enough so to frighten off house peeps, while To The Rescue is a tuff, drummy and echo-y affair with a vocal that may or may not be a heavily-treated lift from Happiness Is Just Around The Bend*… actually, again it probably isn't but you get the idea.

A solid bet if your floors like it a little tougher and more driving. I believe there's also a remix EP doing the rounds but I – sob! – didn't get sent that…

Out: This week

About: You can find F*** House Music at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud.

*As also used on Nightmares On Wax's Aftermath and Renegade feat Ray Keith's Something I Feel back in the day, if that helps.

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