Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Matias Ricciardi – The End Of The Human Species

Matias Ricciardi The End Of The Human Species StereoFX
Tricky blighter, progressive house. So many people do it, so few do it right! On this evidence, though, Matias Riccardi is one of them.

So: no mind-numblingly dull ambient soundscapes here, no horrible trance-y synths, no tedious five-minute drum tracks and no god-awful 'yearnsome' pop vocals. Just deep, dark and moody progressive house that's got tons of dancefloor energy, without ever drifting into the realms of the cheesy/obvious/idiot-friendly, and that does indeed sort of sound like a train ride to the end of the world… but in a good way.

The First Sequence and Last Sequence mixes (allegedly 'deep' and 'uplifting', respectively) don't vary anything like as much as the hype sheet would have you believe, except that former has some scary sampled speech and the latter doesn't… but that's about as much I've got to offer in the way of criticism. As I said, this is progressive house done well. Really quite exceptionally well, in fact.

Put it this way: how often does a full-blown progressive house record get the full TIWWD review treatment? Not that often. Well then.

Out: This week

About: This comes on StereoFX, who are based in London and who can be found at their website, on Soundcloud or on Facebook.

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