Sunday, 12 August 2012

So many tunes, so little time 25

This has been something of a mega massive monster week for single releases for some reason… as such there's a ton of stuff we haven't talked about yet so gonna have to rattle through these pretty quickly!

Autim – Fragment Sounds Of Juan
Solid deep/tech fare from Sounds Of Juan, with a proggy feel. The Tini Tun mix stands out for me.

Chris Vega + Etienner Copse – Eh Mama Na  Influential House
Not so into the kiddy-chorus vocals but the House Of Virus remix has some pleasing classic Chicago-style percussion and big throbbing rave-y synths.

Circle Of Funk feat Lifford – Give It To Me Slapped Up Soul
Trad-style soulful house grooves for the faithful, with or without an R&B-ish male vocal from former Artful Dodger collaborator Lifford.

Danny Clark & Jay Benham – I Knew You feat Robert Owens  Hatchwork
A more experimental, techy offering than we're used to hearing graced by the Owens tonsils, with Isaac's Hatchwork remix my pick though the Wez Saunders mix has some cool organ sounds. Only the second release from a new UK label, as well…

Digital Dirt – More In The Tank EP  Click Therapy
Click Therapy are another label who can always be relied on to come up with the tech-house goods, with the standout here for me Carlo Gambino's rub of B-side Dirty Money.

dubspeeka – Blackout Skeleton Recordings
Some properly DARK techno with a hint of dubstep influence… cool stuff, and it comes from TIWWD's hometown of Bristol to boot.

Eric Powa B – Last Train To Nairobi  Nite Grooves
Not really 'me' TBH but if you like your house with an Afro/Latin/ethnic slant (and lots of peeps do), then you need to check this seven-track EP in the spirit of the Abstract Lounge series.

JaTay + Dynamic Trip – Plenty More Fish  Quadraphonic Recordings
One from the tuffer end of tech-house, with a sampled jazz/swing vocal on B-side When I See You.

Jet Project – Yes Yes Y'All  Snatch!
Big room yet still credible house/tech-house beats from Kissy Sell Out's label, with remixes from Yousef and Stacey Pullen, no less.

Joris Delacroix + Dual – Givin' Head Way Of House
Laidback, summery 'beach house' grooves from France.

LigaLize – Broken Clock EP  Friday Lights Exclusive
More deep, dark and driving techno bizniss. Don't play the Go + Morgon Mix (especially) right after the record above or you might frighten yourself… I just did.

Lutzenkirchen/Gilbert Martini  #30Platform B
Two tracks from Lutzenkirchen and one from Martini, with tough tech-house/techno the general order of the day. Heads down, everyone!

Markey – Dawn EP  Tonkind
Not to be confused with Brazilian D&B star DJ Marky, Sander Markey is a Belgian producer now living in Berlin. This EP sounds like it was made in Berlin, put it that way!

Maya Jane Coles/Shenoda/Huxley Three1Trax
Huxley remixes of Maya Jane's Dazed and Shenoda's Moments. Every bit as 'now' and rocking as that sounds, it's also a sampler for Huxley's soon-come debut mix comp so watch this space…

Paul Anthony + Mike Gillenwater – Everybody Chicken Fried Disco
Big-room, hi-octane disco house that'll go down well with young, up-for-it and unsnobby crowds.

Roland Klinkenberg – Kindred Spirits EP Everysoul
And at just about the opposite end of the spectrum from the above, here's a four-track EP of laidback, mellow grooves sitting just on the right side of the border between deep house and chill-out. The Dub Mix of the title cut is the killer for me, and perfect for those post-club, driftaway moments…

Slok/Djuma Soundsystem – Lonely Child/Come Together  My Favorite Robot
Djuma's Come Together is the star here, marrying deep tech-house grooves with a strong electro influence. As in proper 80s ghettoblaster-and-Patrick-cagoule electro, you understand, not as in the shitty euronuravepop you'll hear in the 'dance' tent at corporate festivals.

Soul Alive – The Parallel World  Incepto Smooth
More of the Russian label's trademark blissful, chilled-out downtempo bizniss. When the cares of the world have gotten a bit much, visit a parallel one…

Sound Gypsy – Whatever  Dobara Music
A four-track EP you can file somewhere between deep house, leftfield disco and Balearic. It's the Midnight Perverts Making Love Remix of Whatever that stands out for me but it's only the second release from a new UK label, so please do show some love and check it out for yourself!

Technodreamer – Excitation EP  Spring Tube Limited
Two deep, dark and moody progressive house cuts with a techno slant from this Lithuanian producer, and the very first release on Spring Tube's new, more eclectic offshoot.

The Time & Space Machine – Good Morning  Tirk
With less of a house/disco/electronic influence than normal, this cut lifted from the Taste The Lazer album is pretty much classic-style psych/shoegaze from Richard Norris – think Spacemen 3 or Primal Scream circa Sonic Flower Groove. More floor-oriented rubs come from St Etienne and (my pick) Leftside Wobble.

Tomaz Vs Filterheadz – Sunshine 2012 1605 Music Therapy
New mixes of this terrace-techno fave from 10 years back courtesy of Umek, D.Ramirez, Uto Karem, Filthy Rich and Filterheadz themselves.

Universal Solution feat LaMeduza – You'll See  Manchester Underground Music
More chilled-out, Ibiza-friendly 'beach house' vibes here, with the Save.As Remix edging it for me.

Right, they say 23 is a magic number so that'll do for tonight!

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