Saturday, 4 August 2012

Matt Tolfrey feat Ya Kid K – Turn You Out

Matt Tolfrey feat Ya Kid K Turn You Out Leftroom
Yes, you read that right. This latest from the Leftroom boss features, on vocals, none other than Ya Kid K, better known in a previous life for getting up and pumping up the jam with Technotronic… aah, memories.

As impeccable as Ms Kamosi's old-skool credentials may be, though, rest assured this is as contemporary and on-the-money a slab of house music as we've come to expect from Leftroom. In its Original form, Turn You Out is a mid-paced locked-on dancefloor groove, Ya Kid K's "gonna turn you inside out" vocal sitting atop a pulsing, throbbing bassline and piercing, wibbly keys. Remix-wise you get an Instrumental (surely missing the point somewhat, though?) and a Dub, which to be honest does sound rather like the Instrumental.

But no matter, cos the Original is the one here. Just watch it turn those dancers' heads outside in… this is one to take 'em DEEP into the zone!

Out: This week

About: This is the first warning shot from Tolfrey's debut artist album and as such, bodes very well indeed! So keep an eye on Leftroom's website and Facebook group (rather than page, so you'll need to be logged in) cos the full-length's due to drop next month.

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