Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tufan Demir – Making Bounces EP

Tufan Demir Making Bounces EP Deep House Proposal
Only the second release* from Deep House Proposal here, coming from Istanbul's Tufan Demir.

In its Original form, Making Bounces itself is a lazy, laidback deep houser with a strong disco influence, while a remix from Sarp Yilmaz beefs up the beats for maximum floor appeal and all but ditches the looping fem vox in favour of some ker-razy ass piano licks. Elsewhere, More Feedback is a proper deep n' chunky free party groover, coming complete with a slightly more polished/accessible Club Mix, while finally Midweek Groove is all militant 909s counterpointed with warm, warping pads and floaty, garage-y vocal samples.

Five tracks of quality, real-deal underground house bizniss from a label that's just getting started… show some love peeps!

Out: This week

About: The best place to find Deep House Proposal seems to be their blog – click here to grab a whole series of their podcasts.

*Or third, depending on whether you count the remixes of the first one

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