Thursday, 9 August 2012

ALBUM Various – Miami Gangstars

Miami Gangstars Miami Sessions MUR
Okay, after trying to explain the deep, abstract techno of Hakimonu, we're back on more familiar TIWWD territory with this one! Coming from new label Miami Sessions, Miami Gangstars sees a host of largely little-known producers serving up some deep house, tech house and techno grooves for your listening pleasure.

And if that sounds like a bit too much of a hotch-potch, don't worry: the quality standard is high throughout and it is, in fact, the very electicism of this comp that's most appealing. The tracks may vary in style – from, say, the deep/tech house bump of Alex Stein & Moskardi's Like That to the throbbing, dark room techno of Re Dupre & Rod B's, er, Darkroom, or from the jacking tech-house of Mark Drake & Jackie DJ's Fizzy Drink to the disco/funk-fuelled strut of It's All Right by (deep breath) Gabriel Rocca, Victor Ruiz, Vogue and C.L.A.S.S – but the album as a whole sits together remarkably well. It's like a well-programmed DJ set, only in unmixed format.

Which means that whatever micro-genre of house and techno music you're most into, you should find plenty of material for your head-nodding and toe-tapping antics here, at the very least… and almost certainly a few gems that'll have you up on your feet as well.

Out: Now, but only since 25 July. I've been a bit slack on the albums front lately so I'm trying to catch up a bit!

About: Although Miami Sessions is itself a brand new label, this being MS001, it's actually an offshoot of the more established MUR Music… which is itself an offshoot of net radio station/podcast provider Miami Underground Movement.

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