Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Rassek - Riders On The Storm

In which the Doors classic (minus the vocal) gets the deep house bootleg treatment… except that it doesn't, because this is an actual bona fide official release, complete with credits and everything.

I'm not sure whether Arash Rasskeh Afshar – more snappily known as Rassek – has replayed huge chunks of the song remarkably faithfully, or whether Conya have invested heavily in sample clearance/licensing or what… but either way, this is going to kill it on the floor, of that you can be certain!

Remixes come from Kiko Navarro, SocioRobots and RedDub. To be honest, though, they don't vary hugely – if pushed I'd plump for Rassek's original mix out of the four, but it really doesn't matter which mix you go for,  you'll see the same results.

Nuff said, really.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Conya Records, who can be found on Facebook or at the website of parent/umbrella label Clubstar.

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