Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Artone & Anton Pau – Need Deep EP

Artone & Anton Pau Need Deep EP Artefact
Okay, so that's Shambala out of the way and it's back to the daily grind… today it's been a birrova slog getting back into the groove TBH so it seems appropriate to kick off the week's reviews at a lower tempo, with this three-track slab of ultra-deep tech-house/minimal from Macedonia's Artefact label.

Need Deep itself comes from just Artone, and is in its Original form a stripped-down house groove in the Detroit (and yes, I mean Detroit as opposed to Chicago) stylee, all clipped beats and stabs, but slowly building with tinkling analogue synths. Anton Pau then supplies a Dubb Mix [sic] which takes us into even more minimal and sparse territory, while finally the pair, er, pair up for Soul Shakin', which is in a similar vein to the Original of Need Deep but just that little bit more overtly house-ified with its organ sounds and male vocal stabs.

Uncompromising deepness for the esoterically inclined.

Out: This week

About: You can find Artefact on Soundcloud or Facebook… their website proper is currently getting a re-re-re-remix.

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